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Wir sind gespannt, was auf dieser Reise mehr bewegt: die Zeit, als Moses mit einem Stab Wasser aus den Felsen springen ließ und Wunderkinder begannen, eine ganze Stadt in den Fels zu meißeln oder vielleicht doch die schönste Wüstenlandschaft der Erde, die für sich betrachtet auch ein Wunder ist. Am Ende wird es wohl eine Mischung sein.

1. Amman
Ahlan wa sahlan! Welcome to Jordans capital, Amman - cosmopolitan and contemporary, yet steeped in biblical history. Your adventure begins with an important welcome meeting at 6 pm this evening. As you dont spend too much time here, its worth arriving a day or two early to explore the sights. If you do have time, be sure to head to the citadel, taking in its amazing sweeping views of Amman. The Jordan Museum (home to the Dead Sea Scrolls) and the Roman Theatre are both well worth visiting. After your meeting this evening, head out with your new-found travel pals, and perhaps pick up a coffee from one of the cafes and partner it with an arayes - a local-style toastie filled with spiced meat.
There are no meals included on this day.

You will stay at a hotel.

Special Information Its very important that you attend the welcome meeting as we will be collecting insurance details and next of kin information at this time. If you are going to be late please let your travel agent or hotel reception know. Ask reception or look for a note in the lobby for more information on where the meeting will take place. All optional activities mentioned today are priced for entry only. Extra costs will apply for transport to and from the site, as well as if youd wish to have a guide. If you do wish to visit The Baptism Site of Jesus Christ at Bethany today, or before the tour commences, please note that operating hours vary between seasons.
Amman - King Abdullah I Mosque (entry fee) - JOD2 Amman - Roman Theatre (entry fee) - JOD2 Amman - Citadel (entry fee) - JOD3 Madaba - Al-Maghtas Bethany Baptism site (entry fee) - JOD12 Amman - Jordan Archaeological Museum (entry fee) - JOD3

2. Wadi Rum
This morning, youll leave Amman and head to Aqaba - the only coastal city offering a pocket of beach in this otherwise landlocked country. On arrival youll get a chance to explore the bustling market and walk along the beach on a guided walking tour with your group leader. Then youve got a couple of hours under your belt to explore this city at your own leisure, you might like to go snorkelling in the Red Sea, explore the local markets further or simply chill out and relax by the water. Then, youll leave for Wadi Rum and arrive just in time for dinner. Tonight, youll get a chance to sit down with the sheik of the local Bedouin tribe and get a glimpse into what life is like living in this desert environment. Youll sleep in a simple Bedouin desert camp this evening, with the choice of sleeping under a camel hair tent or out under the stars. Enjoy dinner cooked in an earthen oven by your Bedouin hosts. Meaning ‘desert dwellers in Arabic, the Bedouins are a semi-nomadic people, and in Jordan up to 40 per cent of the general population is thought to have Bedouin ancestry. Conditions are basic at the desert camp, but the hospitality of your hosts as well as the chance to sleep beneath the twinkling desert night sky will surely make up for it.
Meals Included Breakfast, Dinner

You will stay at a permanent camp.

Special Information For tonights camp, a mattress and blankets are provided. Please be aware that while the desert may be very hot during the day, it will still be cool at night. So, warm clothes and a sleeping bag are highly recommended when travelling outside of the summer months. Western-style toilet facilities are available, as well as solar panel showers.
Wadi Rum - Bedouin desert camp Aqaba - Leader-lead Walking Tour Wadi Rum - Bonfire Talk with the Sheik

3. Wadi Rum
After waking up in the unique surrounds of the camp this morning, head out on a hike around the area (approximately 12 to 15 kilometres), with a stop for tea and a lunch break. You might scale one of the large sand dunes for sensational views of the valley - the perfect chance to snap some unbelievable pictures. Explore the distinctive rock formations and bask in its eerie silence. Wadi Rum is probably best known for its connection with the enigmatic British officer T E Lawrence, who was based here during the Great Arab Revolt of 1917 - 18. This afternoon, gear up for half-day jeep safari through some of the most striking desert scenery on the planet. Wadi Rum is full of weird and wonderful lunar-like rock formations, and traces of ancient civilisations can be seen in the many carved inscriptions found throughout the area - from pictographs to Thamudic, Nabataean and Arabic texts. The most enduring monuments in Wadi Rum are those carved by nature - the natural rock bridges, towering rose-coloured sand dunes and scattered rocky peaks. After an action-packed afternoon, tonight is yours to enjoy the traditional Bedouin hospitality and the clear night skies of the desert.
Meals Included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

You will stay at the same property as the night before.

Special InformationThe duration and length of todays hike can vary depending on the weather and the groups ability. Please make sure you have appropriate, sturdy, comfortable footwear for this trek. If you dont want to participate in the hike, you can always spend some more time around the Bedouin Camp.
Wadi Rum - Guided hike Wadi Rum - Bedouin desert camp Wadi Rum - 4WD jeep safari

4. Petra
This morning youll leave your desert camp, taking 4WDs to the main entrance of Petra, which is opposite the Seven Pillars of Wisdom - the mountain named after Lawrence of Arabias book. The visitors centre here is also a great spot to buy some jewelry and handicrafts, mostly made by a womens co-operative aimed at supporting local industries. Then, continue your journey to the fabled city of Petra by private vehicle. The site remained unknown to the wider world until 1812 when it was visited by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt - a Swiss explorer. In 1985, Petra was designated a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. Spend the afternoon on a guided tour of Petra. Squeeze through a mile-long narrow path, known as the Siq, through huge towers of rock and get your first glimpse of the iconic Treasury complex. Its amazing to think that this enormous, intricate building entrance was hand-carved out of the rock.
Meals Included Breakfast

You will stay at a hotel.

Special Information A two-day entrance pass to Petra is included. Please note that when entering Petra as a group, a complimentary horse ride is included in the ticket price from the entrance point down to the Siq. Intrepid doesnt recommend that you take this option due to the safety and insurance liability involved. Please note a lot of walking is required to see all the sites and viewpoints of Petra. A basic level of fitness will enhance your enjoyment of your visit.
Petra - Guided tour of Petra Petra - 2 day entrance pass

5. Petra
Enjoy a free day of self-discovery as you explore Petra on your own today - free to wander as you wish. The site is surprisingly big, and so it is up to you to choose your own route around the complex. You could explore the old Roman road, other smaller temples and several old tombs, as well as the rock-hewn amphitheatre. For those who are feeling a bit more active, theres the challenging but highly rewarding 1-hour walk up the steps to the secluded yet stunning Monastery.
Meals Included Breakfast

You will stay at the same property as the night before.

Special Information Please note the optional Petra by Night tour runs Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, departing from the Petra visitor center at 830pm
Petra - Petra By Night - JOD17

6. Kerak - Dead Sea - Mount Nebo - Madaba
Today youll traverse the Kings Highway to the historic crusader castle of Kerak, which stands on a cliff overlooking Wadi Karak and the Dead Sea in the distance (approximately 2.5 hours). Youll have time to explore the ruins and discover the legends of centuries-old battles. Pack your swim gear as next you can wash off the dust in the Dead Sea - the lowest point on Earth (420 metres below sea level). This super-salty lake is a perfect place to spend some time relaxing and float your worries away. For those who are game, why not cover yourself from head to toe in a nutrient-rich natural mineral mud bath. Continue to Mt Nebo - the spot where the prophet Moses is said to have seen the ‘promised land and where hes supposedly buried. Explore this sanctuary and view the remarkable mosaics of the fourth-century church. Afterwards, continue to Madaba, famous for its Ottoman-style houses and beautiful Byzantine-era mosaics, including the acclaimed sixth-century mosaic map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land at St Georges Church. Other mosaic masterpieces from the fifth to seventh centuries can be found throughout Madabas churches, museums and homes.
Meals Included Breakfast

You will stay at a hotel.

Kerak - Castle visit Mount Nebo - Site visit Dead Sea - Swimming opportunity

7. Jerash - Madaba
Today youll leave Madaba for a short drive to Jerash - once one of the grandest ancient Roman cities in the world. These are some of the best-preserved Greco-Roman ruins around. The ancient walled town that survives today is a remarkable evocation of life 2000 years ago. It has a striking collection of archways and theatres, baths, public buildings and colonnaded streets, and is a beautiful place to spend a day exploring. Discover Hadrians arch, the partially restored hippodrome, ornate public fountains, the south amphitheatre, and see the collection of daily artefacts uncovered during excavations. Grand columns encircle the citys centrepiece, the Oval Plaza. After a full day of exploring, return to Madaba. Maybe gather your travel buddies together and share a celebratory shisha as you reminisce on your memories of majestic Jordan.
Meals Included Breakfast

You will stay at the same property as the night before.

Jerash - Roman ruins Madaba - St Georges Church

8. Madaba
With no activities planned for today, you are free to depart the accommodation at any time, provided you comply with your accommodations check-out times.
Meals Included Breakfast

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